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FORWARD Sale: Up to 85% off ON OVER 680 STYLES!

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Cultizm 에서 Black Friday 를 맞아 3일동안 세일을 진행한다고 합니다. 15%부터라고 하니 한번씩 둘러보시고 득템하시길~
BLACK FRIDAY at - 15% Advantage for all products excluded LVC and Levi's Made n Crafted
Hello, Dr.NODISK !

The year 2011 is drawing to a close and the days become shorter. We'd like to encourage you in this dark season with our special
Get your ticket: 15% off on all products, but for 3 days only! (not included Levi's Vintage Clothing and Levi's Made n Crafted)
May be the right time to look for your Christmas gifts!
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On this occasion we'd like to present you 1 new brand: EASTMAN LEATHER COLLECTION.

This range of specialist vintage style flying jackets and accessories has been compiled for those of us who desire a truly authentic garment. That is, a garment which in design, components, and quality matches every detail possible the original garment it is a reproduction of.
The nostalgia behind these styles is what makes them attractive. They were born out of a time of necessity, and designed for a specific purpose - to function and protect under adverse and challenging conditions. Since then they have become timeless design classics, appealing to the rugged utilitarian image.
Attention to detail, is at the heart of making a perfect reproduction; when buying an Eastman garment, you are purchasing just that! Eastman says:"There's nothing like an EASTMAN - except an original!".


Please take also a closer look at our new selection. There you will find many new classic vintage styles and functional boots for the dark and cold season.

Wolverine 1000 Mile Boots

We've ordered a rarity and we are proud that we've got him. The 721 LTD from Wolverine! This 1000 Mile Boot is made of Horween's world famous #8 Shell Cordovan.
Expertly crafted and made in the U.S.A., only 1000 pairs are being produced.



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